Remember you are a pilgrim!  Keep  your  pilgrim heart  on  guard, be  open  and  let  the  Holy  Spirit  guide  you  throughout the  journey. The  pilgrimage  might  be  a healing and a life changing  experience. 

Our pilgrimages are  like a “home- made”  bread, prepared  carefully to give nourishment  to  your soul and body. We  know what  it  takes  to arrange a tour from beginning to end. We take care of all the arrangements: hotels, transportations, guides and other services to make sure everything goes smoothly. All our  pilgrimages are escorted by a Catholic priest and the Eucharist is celebrated daily. For us this is the most privileged and important time of a day. Our pilgrimages are more than just sightseeing or shopping  tours.  We work with and for pilgrims not tourists.


We believe that a pilgrimage is a calling.